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Existing products: Diphenylamine, thiolated diphenylamine, octylated diphenylamine, KY-405, KY-616, antioxidant BLE/BLE-W, liquid ammonia, ammonia, stearic acid, glycerin, etc. Widely used in medicine, pesticides, gunpowder, dyes, greases, lubricants, plastics, synthetic rubber and its products and other fields.

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Suzhou Yi Shun new material Co. Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of antioxidants. Existing
products: two aniline, aniline, octy| nonyl two two aniline, KY -405,KY-616,antioxidant BLE/BLE -w, ammonia,ammonia, Stearic Acid,Glycerol,widely used in medicine, pesticides, dyes, gunpowder, grease, lubricating oll,plastics, synthetic rubber and rubber products etc.
The company carries out meticulous management in strict accordance with the IS09001 qulitymanagement system, and the quality of all kinds of products all reach the advanced international level. In orderto meet the dfterent needs of customers, the company pay close ttention to the dynamic research athome andabroad, to establish cooperative relations with domestic scientific research institutions, colleges......