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    Kunshan Chuanna Hydraulic Fittings Co., Ltd

    ——"Genuine product guarantee"——
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    • Rotary reducer assembly
    • Walking reducer assembly
    • Hydraulic pump assembly
    • Pilot valve
    • Walking foot valve
    • Excavator hydraulic parts
    • Multi-way valve assembly
    • Pilot pump
    • Regulator
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    Kunshan Chuanna Hydraulic Fittings Co., Ltd Kunshan Chuanna Hydraulic Fittings Co., Ltd

    Kunshan Chuanna Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 3 million yuan, has set foot in the field of hydraulic parts service since 2011. It is a supplier brand of hydraulic parts famous for its integrity. The headquarters of enterprises are located in the county-level city with Chinese mainland economic strength. Relying on the resource advantages of the 100 strong counties in China, Kunshan has constructed a set of market competition pressure, and has been developing in the forefront of the industry in order to promote the growth of the enterprises. In order to meet the needs of international development of enterprises, we expand the business scope of domestic construction machinery equipment excavators, rotary drilling rigs, concrete pump trucks, crawler cranes and other whole vehicle product accessories to the diversified service fields including various imported brand hydraulic pumps, hydraulic rotary motor assemblies, hydraulic traveling motor assemblies, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic pump parts.


    Why do you chooseChuanna hydraulic accessories?
    Qualified materials
    Customer procurementAnd advantages of Chuanna
    Exquisite craftsmanship
    Installation quality
    Genuine accessories
    One stop shopping
    Accessories expert
    aftersale services
    Same day delivery
    Chuanna cooperationpartner
    24-hour service for you
    • 徐工挖掘機配件
    • 三一挖掘機配件
    • 川崎
    • 神鋼挖掘機配件
    • 凱斯挖掘機配件
    • 力士樂
    • 柳工挖掘機配件
    • 昆山川納液壓
    • 住友工程機械配件
    • 日立挖掘機配件
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    • Company address: no.379, Juji Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan CityCompany address: no.379, Juji Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City
    • Contact person: Mr. ChenContact person: Mr. Chen
    • mobile phone:18888180218mobile phone:18888180218
    • Landline:0512-36863852Landline:0512-36863852




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