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Antioxidants are the most common types in life

發布時間:2018-06-10 20:10:51

Everyone may know about antioxidants, but there are several antioxidants in our lives and it is estimated that everyone still does not understand them. Today we will explain in detail about the most common antioxidants in life.

1, vitamin c is the most famous vitamin "star", with anti-oxidation, anti-aging, prevention of cardiovascular disease, it can also enhance white-cell combat capabilities and improve human immunity. In recent years, Vitamin C's antioxidant properties, increased resistance, and beautifying the skin have been widely recognized. The recommended dose of the Chinese Nutrition Society is 100 mg per day.

2. Selenium and vitamin E work together to help the manufacture of antibodies and maintain heart health. The combined effect of selenium and vitamin E is greater than the sum of their effects. The recommended selenium dose is 100 to 250 micrograms per day.

3, β-carotene, in the anti-oxidation, anti-aging aspects, vitamin C, E, β-carotene known as the "Three Musketeers." If three kinds of supplements are used, the effect of eliminating free radicals and enhancing immunity is very significant.

4. Vitamin e is an important antioxidant and membrane stabilizer in cell membranes. Has the following effects: nourish the skin, remove stains; improve immunity, enhance disease resistance; fade age spots. Because the vegetable oil is rich in vitamin E, the Chinese people use vegetable oil, so there is no shortage of vitamin E, but if adults add 10 milligrams of vitamin E per day, it is just close to the “optimum plasma level”, which can strengthen skin whitening and delay aging. Excessive amounts will produce unwanted side effects.

These are the ingredients that contain a certain amount of antioxidants. I believe that everyone will be familiar with these products and there are many on the market. However, when people are buying, they still need to pay special attention to it. No matter what they choose, they must choose a good quality product.